Month: January 2017

Movies Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Which of this Year’s Deserving, Devastating Drama Films Could Walk Away with the Top Honours?   The minorest of SPOILERS applies, regarding the basic premise of each film. No major plot details are discussed but, if you don’t want to know anything at all about either Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight before seeing them, go watch ’em …

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Trump Trump’s Muslim Ban

Trump’s Muslim Ban

Treating People of the Muslim Faith in this Manner Will Not (And Cannot) Make America or the World a Safer Place   This has been said before and said better, by people smarter and funnier than me, but I believe it does bear repeating: the number one recruitment tool needed to galvanise people into mass …

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52 Films By Women 4. American Psycho, directed by
Mary Harron

4. American Psycho, directed by
Mary Harron

American Psycho: Do All Psychopathic Murderers Look That Celestial?   Given an R Rating for a reason, this film is based on the novel which was famously banned in several countries for its controversial and explicit content. In other countries, like Australia, the book was wrapped in a protective cover. Thankfully, much of the intensely graphic …

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Music Best Songs in the Hottest 100

Best Songs in the Hottest 100

Looking at Music that Popticon Doesn’t Often Give it’s Fair Due, Here’s What We Enjoyed in Triple J’s Hottest 100   This afternoon, countless Australians around the country gathered to have a barbie and a game of beach cricket in order to commemorate our unblemished history and awesome treatment of Aboriginal people. Many will take …

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News & Events Oscar Nominations and Picks

Oscar Nominations and Picks

La La Land Got Nominated For Everything… Seriously   After a controversial two year run of nominating only white people in every acting category, the Oscars decided to stop playing the, “We can’t be racist, we have black friends!” card and actually nominate some people of colour. So, in that regard alone, we’re off to a …

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Music Our First 100 Days

Our First 100 Days

Our First 100 Days is A Worthy Cause That Doubles As A Great Source For New and Unearthed Songs   There a lot of things that Donald Trump has pledged to do in his first 100 days in office, some of which he got under way with almost immediately, like dismantling health care for millions of …

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Lists TV Shows We Missed in 2016, part 1

TV Shows We Missed in 2016, part 1

We Take a Look at Some of Our Favourite Programs That, For Whatever Reason, Weren’t Around Last Year