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Best of the 2010s Year of GamerGate

Year of GamerGate

Set your sight back about seven years ago… It’s 2014: pro-democracy demonstrations are unfolding in Hong Kong, Republicans control the US Senate, a once-beloved TV show comes to a middling end that divides the fans, Ariana Grande is pop’s reigning star, tensions are coming to a head in Iran and Australia’s PM is a deeply …

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Lists Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Featuring Spielberg at His Most Affectionate, A Classic Modern Musical and A Coming of Age Story forĀ All Time   Following on from Part 1 of our belated but still totally relevant list of the best films that came out last year, here’s Part 2 in all its cinematic glory. Sidenote: as we were particularly thrilled …

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Lists Best Movies of 2016, part 1

Best Movies of 2016, part 1

Featuring An Animated Treasure, A German Dramedy and An Alien Invasion Film Unlike Any Other   The best thing about being a movie fan living in Australia is that – with the considerable interval between North American releases and subsequent availability in theĀ southern hemisphere – you’re always behind the curve, so you’ll never find yourself …

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