Category: 12 Best New TV Shows of 2016

We count down our favourite shows that premiered this year.

12 Best New TV Shows of 2016 10. The Circus

10. The Circus

The Circus and the True Horror of the Unexpected   At the beginning of this year, political analysts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, joined by former Republican strategist Mark McKinnon, set out to document the 2016 American Presidential Election Campaign. They had no idea what the fuck they were getting themselves into.

12 Best New TV Shows of 2016 11. Stranger Things

11. Stranger Things

Stranger Things and the Absence of Danger in a Scary World   I’m not jumping on the “What about Barb?!” bandwagon when I say that specific character’s death was one of the most significant in popular television this year. No, not because she was a beloved, long-time member of the cast or because her demise …

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12 Best New TV Shows of 2016 12. Match Game

12. Match Game

Match Game and the Blissful Point Where Then Meets Now   Alec Baldwin reached a crossroads a decade or so ago where there were several possible avenues available to him. In his mid-forties, the leading-man good looks he’d harnessed his whole career, while not completely faded, were besieged somewhat by time and a slight weight …

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