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At the end of any given show’s season, we take a look at what worked, what didn’t and where things might be headed.

Seasons The Americans – Season 5

The Americans – Season 5

In its Penultimate Season, TV’s Revered Spy Drama Leans Heavy on the Latter, Plays Hard to Get With the Former   The Americans can’t end well. That’s basically the only thing I can guarantee about what’s coming in the show’s sixth and final season that’s set to air next year, but beyond that it’s anyone’s …

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Seasons Archer: Dreamland – Season 8

Archer: Dreamland – Season 8

The Long-Running Animated Spy Comedy Takes a Swing at Condensed Storytelling, With Mixed Results   Stagnation, in television, is always the final stage before death. This is especially true of sitcoms, and a good reason why few manage to maintain a consistent quality after three or four seasons. Once you’ve explored all the avenues available …

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Seasons Master of None – Season 2

Master of None – Season 2

The Second Season of Aziz Ansari’s Early-Middle Age Lovechild is As Warm and Humanistic As Ever   One or two word signifiers don’t work for TV anymore. Usually. Yeah, Game of Thrones is a “medieval fantasy”, Fargo is a “crime saga” and The Young Pope is a “mindfuck”, but those are still fairly shallow descriptions of much deeper shows. And …

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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E16

The Walking Dead, S07E16

Apparently This is “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”.  I Am Utterly, Incontinently Terrified by That Notion   I can’t do a typical write-up for this episode, recounting the plot and remarking on its significance, trying to parse out some thematic relevance in proceedings or discussing how the characters move from A …

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