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Get Out

Jordan Peele’s Foray Into Horror Leans on the Humour Sparingly While Indulging in its Social Commentary   Get Out is not a subtle film. Every conversation throughout the movie is not so much underpinned by racial tension as it is openly inviting discomfort at how clumsily people (and, most specifically, white Americans) try to talk …

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Lists TV Shows We Missed in 2016, part 1

TV Shows We Missed in 2016, part 1

We Take a Look at Some of Our Favourite Programs That, For Whatever Reason, Weren’t Around Last Year

12 Best New TV Shows of 2016 4. Better Things

4. Better Things

Better Things and the Realistically Shitty Kids   The problem with television shows that involve children or young adults used to be finding actors talented enough to carry off the sort of performances required, striking a tenuous balance between precocious self-awareness and juvenile behaviour in any given situation. I would argue that’s no longer a concern, …

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