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One Year On One Year On, #2 (2017)

One Year On, #2 (2017)

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Overwatch   For avid gamers, May 2016 was a crowd-pleaser. Or at least, it very much wanted to be. Nostalgic FPS fans were treated to a revamp of DOOM, which seemed to tick all the boxes of the original: luridly violent, impenetrably stupid and irrepressibly fun. For RPG fanatics with literally nothing …

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An Expert in the Souls Video Game Series Makes Dense, Enlightening Videos to Help Make Sense of it All   As mentioned in our retrospective review of Dark Souls III published a month ago, the Souls series is not interested in making things easy for you to understand. Indeed, these titles are designed to be inscrutable, with plots that draw on a …

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One Year On One Year On, #1 (2017)

One Year On, #1 (2017)

Dark Souls III and Ratchet & Clank   On April 12th last year, new additions to two beloved video game franchises were released to much anticipation and fanfare. In most ways, they couldn’t have been more different from one another: there’s Dark Souls III, a moribund slog through an oblique medieval world full of blisteringly difficult enemies requiring …

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