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Lists Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Featuring Spielberg at His Most Affectionate, A Classic Modern Musical and A Coming of Age Story for All Time   Following on from Part 1 of our belated but still totally relevant list of the best films that came out last year, here’s Part 2 in all its cinematic glory. Sidenote: as we were particularly thrilled …

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Movies Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Which of this Year’s Deserving, Devastating Drama Films Could Walk Away with the Top Honours?   The minorest of SPOILERS applies, regarding the basic premise of each film. No major plot details are discussed but, if you don’t want to know anything at all about either Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight before seeing them, go watch ’em …

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Movies La La Land

La La Land

One of the Most Revered Films of Last Year, La La Land is Easily the Best New Movie Musical in Forever   “Magic is from people.” So said Donald Glover at the Golden Globes last week after winning Best Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy for Atlanta. That same evening, Damien Chazelle’s La La …

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