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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E16

The Walking Dead, S07E16

Apparently This is “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”.  I Am Utterly, Incontinently Terrified by That Notion   I can’t do a typical write-up for this episode, recounting the plot and remarking on its significance, trying to parse out some thematic relevance in proceedings or discussing how the characters move from A …

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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E15

The Walking Dead, S07E15

“Something They Need” Ignores its Audience’s Needs, Suffers Wildly For its Rampant Stupidity   Let’s get the obvious out of the way: there’s no way for this to be a satisfying episode of television on any terms, least of all those set by The Walking Dead. When we left off last week, Sasha had entered the Saviours’ compound on …

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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E14

The Walking Dead, S07E14

“The Other Side” Cannot Get Here Fast Enough, As In I Hope We All Die Before Another Episode of this Shit   Opening on a dialogue-free montage at the Hilltop sanctuary, we see Maggie, Sasha, Daryl and Jesus silently living out their lives: training the people of Hilltop in how to fight, tending to the …

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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E13

The Walking Dead, S07E13

“Bury Me Here” Isn’t As Dead On Arrival As it First Appears   Over a dusty guitar overture, we’re shown a brief montage of the denizens of The Kingdom, shot from the perspective of the rear of a truck. They solemnly appear and, one by one, each enact a small part in placing and securing …

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