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Lists Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Best Movies of 2016, part 2

Featuring Spielberg at His Most Affectionate, A Classic Modern Musical and A Coming of Age Story for All Time   Following on from Part 1 of our belated but still totally relevant list of the best films that came out last year, here’s Part 2 in all its cinematic glory. Sidenote: as we were particularly thrilled …

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12 Best New TV Shows of 2016 6./5. O.J. Simpson

6./5. O.J. Simpson

Made In America, American Crime Story and the Unlikely Comeback   There’s no real reason why 2016 was the year that the story of Orenthal James Simpson once again occupied the world’s collective consciousness. Nothing about the former footballer’s current circumstances suggest much in the way of intrigue: he is 8 years into a 33 …

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