Month: February 2017

Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E11

The Walking Dead, S07E11

“Hostiles and Calamities” Departs From the Main Group to Tell the Story of a Cowardly Lion and a Grinning Jackass   We open on Dwight discovering the body of Fat… uuh, I wanna say… Billy*? Y’know, the guy who got in Daryl’s way as he was making his escape from Negan’s compound and had to …

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Oscars Oscars Recap

Oscars Recap

The Oscars Deliver Basically What We All Expected, Give or Take a Single Riotous Upset   Look, I’m not a monster: Justin Timberlake is a veritable G and a consummate entertainer; he can get definitely get it, and should on the regular. Then again, do we really need him to open both the Golden Globes …

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Trump Here’s How Trump’s Reign Will End

Here’s How Trump’s Reign Will End

Each Faction of Government Can Only Withstand So Much Opposition Before the Levee Finally Breaks   Over the past few weeks, Republican Senators and Congressmen (as well as some moderate Democrats) have been swamped by their constituents at town hall gatherings. They are being taken to task for supporting – tacitly or otherwise – President …

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52 Films By Women 8. Lost in Translation, directed by Sofia Coppola

8. Lost in Translation, directed by Sofia Coppola

Let’s Be Alone Together in Lost in Translation   Two very different lives collide in this dreamy reflection of disconnection and disorientation. Set in the overwhelming intensity of Tokyo, and in the dingy, claustrophobic hotel within the city, Bob and Charlotte strike up an unlikely friendship.

News & Events Light Plane Crash in Melbourne

Light Plane Crash in Melbourne

All Five Passengers Onboard Are Thoutht to Have Perished in the “Catastrophic” Crash   A small private charter aircraft carrying five passengers has crashed into a Direct Factory Outlet in Essendon after suffering engine failure.

News & Events Milo Yiannopoulos: Ultimate Troll

Milo Yiannopoulos: Ultimate Troll

Due to Some Harmful Uncovered Interview Footage, The Breitbart Editor’s Reputation Could Be Irreparably Damaged   Here’s a quick bit of background for those fortunate enough to have never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos: he’s an ultra right-wing conservative commentator and currently the senior editor for Breitbart News who holds many staunch, often wildly contradictory opinions. He …

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Episodes The Walking Dead, S07E10

The Walking Dead, S07E10

“New Best Friends” Strives for Connection And Intermittently Succeeds   Another week, another slog through a dystopian apocalypse only marginally more disconcerting than the one we’re slowly ambling towards in the real world. God, whatever happened to escapism? This week’s episode, “New Best Friends”, is regrettably not the My Little Pony/The Walking Dead fanfic mash-up that I submitted …

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Trump Trump: Too Crazy for Fiction

Trump: Too Crazy for Fiction

The Real World Has Given Us a President that You Could Not Write a Credible Story About Under Any Circumstances   Let’s imagine I created a TV show called, oh, I don’t know… America is Broken; y’know, something subtle like that. Then I created some direct marketing platform akin to Netflix through which subscribers could watch …

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