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Whether it be upcoming nominees or winners from long ago, we delve in the world of the Academy Awards.

Oscars Oscars Recap

Oscars Recap

The Oscars Deliver Basically What We All Expected, Give or Take a Single Riotous Upset   Look, I’m not a monster: Justin Timberlake is a veritable G and a consummate entertainer; he can get definitely get it, and should on the regular. Then again, do we really need him to open both the Golden Globes …

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Movies Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Manchester by the Sea/Moonlight

Which of this Year’s Deserving, Devastating Drama Films Could Walk Away with the Top Honours?   The minorest of SPOILERS applies, regarding the basic premise of each film. No major plot details are discussed but, if you don’t want to know anything at all about either Manchester by the Sea or Moonlight before seeing them, go watch ’em …

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News & Events Oscar Nominations and Picks

Oscar Nominations and Picks

La La Land Got Nominated For Everything… Seriously   After a controversial two year run of nominating only white people in every acting category, the Oscars decided to stop playing the, “We can’t be racist, we have black friends!” card and actually nominate some people of colour. So, in that regard alone, we’re off to a …

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