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The original content on YouTube is a blessing, but can certainly be overwhelming. Here are the best channels we’ve found that you should subscribe to.

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An Expert in the Souls Video Game Series Makes Dense, Enlightening Videos to Help Make Sense of it All   As mentioned in our retrospective review of Dark Souls III published a month ago, the Souls series is not interested in making things easy for you to understand. Indeed, these titles are designed to be inscrutable, with plots that draw on a …

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YouTube bill wurtz

bill wurtz

YouTube’s Preeminent Absurdist Can be Just as Informative as He is Confounding   Winner of the 2016 Shorty Award (a social media accolade) for Best in Weird, the YouTuber known as bill wurtz has a supremely eclectic and unpredictable approach to his content that is as engaging as it is unique.