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Albums Kesha – Rainbow

Kesha – Rainbow

Kesha Returns with a Surprisingly Half-Decent Album, Which Is at Its Best When She Embraces Her Triumphant Sense of Joy

Albums Katy Perry – Witness

Katy Perry – Witness

The Best-Selling Pop Artist’s Fifth LP is Too Safe to Be a Proper Mess and Too Boring for a Clusterfuck   Whatever you might think of Katy Perry, her longevity is undeniably impressive, as is the versatility she’s exhibited throughout her career. Think I’m giving her too much credit? Cool, yeah, but did you know …

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Albums What Are We Supposed To Do With PWR BTTM’s Pageant?

What Are We Supposed To Do With PWR BTTM’s Pageant?

One of the Best Albums of the Year Has Been Plagued by Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, So is it Ok to Like It?   I feel strange even bringing this up, but here we go: about two weeks ago, the relatively unknown, vivaciously queer indie rock band PWR BTTM released their second studio album, Pageant. In …

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Albums Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog

Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog

Mac DeMarco’s Typically Charming Third Album Plays It Cool, Sneaking Up On You When You Least Expect It   Most of Mac DeMarco’s music falls under the same banner: a heavy sigh, followed by a gap-toothed, winking grin transposed into song. He’s both eminently unperturbed and yet often plumbs the depths of melancholy in his albums – …

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Music Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the Hip Hop Train

Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the Hip Hop Train

Two of America’s Lingering Pop Stars Have Adjusted to the Times With Approaches Befitting Their Current Personas   Two weeks ago, DJ Khaled released the single “I’m the One“, a swirly and skeletal track featuring Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and an anthemic hook by Justin Bieber. Then, sometime earlier today Miley Cyrus dropped …

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Some Years On 10 Years On, #1 (2017)

10 Years On, #1 (2017)

A Sophomore British Post-Punk LP, Lesser But Still Incredible Kanye Record and Jubilant Psych-Pop Release

Albums Kendrick Lamar: DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar: DAMN.

The Best Rapper Alive Returns With a Patchy But Strong Fourth LP, Once Again Affirming His Legendary Status   Listening to DAMN. over the course of the Easter long weekend, I couldn’t help feeling similarly to how I did two years ago when To Pimp a Butterfly dropped. Though there’s very little in the music here like …

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Music Kendrick’s DAMN. Just Dropped

Kendrick’s DAMN. Just Dropped

His Follow Up to 2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly and Last Year’s untitled. unmastered. is Now Available to Stream   Kendrick Lamar – probably the greatest living rapper and, by extension, one of the best ever – has just released his new album, DAMN. You can stream it now on Spotify and Apple Music.