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Trump U.S. Politics is Now a TV Show

U.S. Politics is Now a TV Show

America Has Traded Political Stability for the Chaos of Reality Television. That’s… Just Soooo Stupid   Oprah Winfrey might seriously be considering running for President of the United States. If Kanye sticks to his guns about doing the same, then that means the 2020 election could be a race – initially, at least – between …

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Trump Here’s How Trump’s Reign Will End

Here’s How Trump’s Reign Will End

Each Faction of Government Can Only Withstand So Much Opposition Before the Levee Finally Breaks   Over the past few weeks, Republican Senators and Congressmen (as well as some moderate Democrats) have been swamped by their constituents at town hall gatherings. They are being taken to task for supporting – tacitly or otherwise – President …

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News & Events Milo Yiannopoulos: Ultimate Troll

Milo Yiannopoulos: Ultimate Troll

Due to Some Harmful Uncovered Interview Footage, The Breitbart Editor’s Reputation Could Be Irreparably Damaged   Here’s a quick bit of background for those fortunate enough to have never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos: he’s an ultra right-wing conservative commentator and currently the senior editor for Breitbart News who holds many staunch, often wildly contradictory opinions. He …

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Trump Trump: Too Crazy for Fiction

Trump: Too Crazy for Fiction

The Real World Has Given Us a President that You Could Not Write a Credible Story About Under Any Circumstances   Let’s imagine I created a TV show called, oh, I don’t know… America is Broken; y’know, something subtle like that. Then I created some direct marketing platform akin to Netflix through which subscribers could watch …

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Trump Turnbull vs. Trump

Turnbull vs. Trump

Showing That We’re Just Gonna Have to Get Used to this Bewildering Freefall, Trump Kinda Bullied Our Prime Minister Over the Phone (Seriously)   About a month back, I wrote a piece containing some fairly reactionary hypothetical situations that could arise from a Trump presidency (you can check that it out here, if you’re interested). …

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Trump Trump’s Muslim Ban

Trump’s Muslim Ban

Treating People of the Muslim Faith in this Manner Will Not (And Cannot) Make America or the World a Safer Place   This has been said before and said better, by people smarter and funnier than me, but I believe it does bear repeating: the number one recruitment tool needed to galvanise people into mass …

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Music Our First 100 Days

Our First 100 Days

Our First 100 Days is A Worthy Cause That Doubles As A Great Source For New and Unearthed Songs   There a lot of things that Donald Trump has pledged to do in his first 100 days in office, some of which he got under way with almost immediately, like dismantling health care for millions of …

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Trump Five Days From Trumpaggedon

Five Days From Trumpaggedon

Let’s Take a Look at What Might Have Been the Craziest Week of This Entire Donald Trump Ordeal So Far   Last week, all of these things actually happened in the real world: America’s most revered living actress received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes and used her speech to criticise President-Elect Donald …

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